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Photovoltaic Solar Panels

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Over 30 MW installed

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With a 10-year experience in the field of renewable energy, we have successfully completed on-grid and off-grid projects with a combined capacity of over 30 MW. We oversee and manage more than 400 on-grid installations, certified as prosumers, spread across the entire country. We offer customized photovoltaic solutions tailored to your needs. SCM ATI ELECTRIC was established in 2013 and is a trading and service company dedicated to supporting property owners, commercial entities, and investors in energy management, recovery, and cost reduction.

Green Energy

Our services

Empower yourself to generate electricity with the aid of photovoltaic panel systems. This is the opportune moment to become a prosumer and diminish your dependency on the grid, courtesy of ATIEnergy.


Comprehensive technical solutions and consultancy for independent or grid-connected energy systems.


The optimal solution for cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

P.V Plant

Lower costs for local communities through the use of solar energy in public lighting or local services.


Solutions for environmentally friendly business practices through the utilization of solar energy and cost reduction in energy consumption.