Power Analyser JANITZA UMG 104

Power quality

• Harmonics analysis up to 40th harmonic
• Unbalance
• Rotary feld indication
• Distortion factor THD-U / THD-I
• Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence component High-speed Modbus
• Fast and reliable data exchange via

RS485 interface

• Speed up to 921.6 kB/s

Secure and rapid communication via
Modbus and Profbus

• Rapid, cost-optimised and reliable communication in existing
Fieldbus architectures
• Integration in PLC systems and building management systems
• High flexibility due to the use of open standards

Large measurement data memory

• 4 MByte
• 156,000 saved values
• Recording range dependent on the user-defned measurement
data memory confguration over a few months
• Recording freely confgurable

Added value through additional functions

The UMG 104 goes far beyond the limits of digital multifunction
measurement devices thanks to the integration of additional

• Multifunction measurement device
• State monitoring
• Data logger
• Meters (kWh, kvarh)
• Temperature monitoring
• Harmonics analyser

Due to the four current and voltage inputs there are also
particular advantages with the monitoring of up to four singlephase outputs, e.g. in data centres, offces or single-phase motor

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