Launch of the Green House Program 2023: The opportunity for sustainable energy consumption

We have great news for everyone who is planning to take a step towards sustainable energy consumption and reduce their energy costs! The Environment Fund Administration (AFM) announced the launch of the “Photovoltaic Greenhouse” Program. The program is dedicated to the installation of photovoltaic panel systems for the production of electricity, intended both to cover the consumption requirement and to deliver the surplus to the national grid.

The registration period for natural person applicants is between May 19, 2023, 10:00 a.m., and June 26, 2023, 11:59 p.m., and religious units can submit applications between June 27 and 29, 2023. Registration will be done exclusively online, through through an IT application hosted on the official AFM website.

The Administration of the Environmental Fund expressed its confidence that this program will have a significant impact in terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency. The president of AFM, Laurentiu-Adrian NECULAESCU, emphasized that “we want the program to be a real success and to be able to support approximately 87,500 households in their effort to reduce their energy bill costs”.

Within the “Photovoltaic Green House” Program, each region of the country has three working days for registration, in order to prevent a blockage due to overloading of the IT application. The budget allocated to the program amounts to the impressive sum of 1,750,000,000 lei, which will be distributed among the regions according to an established calendar.

The registration process includes a series of steps, starting with the publication of the information necessary to start the installer validation session and ending with the monitoring of the beneficiaries. The applicant will personally register his application within the program, uploading the necessary documents in the application.

For natural persons, the necessary documents include the identity document, the tax attestation certificate regarding the payment obligations to the state budget and the local budget, as well as a recent land deed extract (not older than 60 days at the time of registration in the application) .

In the case of cult units, they can submit only one application for a single building, and the necessary documents are similar to those for natural persons, including tax attestation certificates and the land deed extract.

In this context, the “Greenhouse Photovoltaic” Program represents an excellent opportunity to benefit from renewable energy, to contribute to environmental protection and to save significantly in the long term.

Each eligible applicant can obtain a non-refundable financial aid for the purchase and installation of a photovoltaic panel system, aid that covers 90% of the value of the eligible expenses, but not more than 25,000 lei. In addition, the beneficiaries of the “Casa Verde Photovoltaic” Program can sell the excess energy produced to electricity distribution companies.

In other words, through this program, citizens can become not only consumers, but also energy producers, contributing to the diversification of energy sources and the energy independence of the country.

It is important to note that applications will be considered in the order of application, so it is recommended that those interested apply as soon as possible after the application period opens.

Those interested in participating in this program are also encouraged to consult with a certified installer before applying to ensure that the proposed solution is optimal for their specific needs and to better understand what steps to take.

In conclusion, the launch of the “Photovoltaic Green House” Program is an important step towards a more sustainable energy consumption and a greener Romania. With the help of this program, thousands of Romanians can contribute to the effort to protect the environment and benefit from significant savings on energy bills. Don’t miss the opportunity to enroll in this program and become part of the change!

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